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Ski Trails at Whitefish Dunes
Jan 20, 2017

 The winter trails at Whitefish Dunes State Park are maintained by a volunteer crew.  Recently there has been an increased number of visitors walking and snow shoeing on the ski trails.


Please remind your family and visitors that they should not use the ski trails for anything but skiing.  Also remind them that there is a large parking area at the Dunes or Cave Point from which the walking and snow shoes can be conveniently accessed.


Footprints  cause a disruption of the trail grooming  which can be dangerous to the skiers. In addition, the trails are not very wide and skiers could pose a threat at corners and downhill to those walking on the trail. There are non-ski trails designated for walkers and snowshoeing that are open all winter long.


It appears that the non-skiers frequently enter the trail system from the terminus of South Cave Point Drive, the junction of Beach Road and WD and the junction of Dunes Park Road and WD.  All of these entry points are not near any approved parking or the designated walking/ snow shoe trails.


Parking along roads adjacent to the state park lands is prohibited.  Parking along other roads poses a hazard with narrowed roadways due to the snow.  Walking on the shoulder when the road is slippery or narrowed is also dangerous. The safest option is to drive to the parking lots and enter the designated trail system from there.


Thanks for helping everyone enjoy the park and the winter trail system.

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