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WIFI Tower Ordinance
Oct 18, 2016

 An ordinance will be proposed at the Jacksonport town board meeting, 7 PM Tuesday 25 October concerning an exemption to the county tower ordinance for WiFo towers within the township of Jacksonport.  This ordinance has the potential of improving broad band wi-fi reception for members around Clark Lake.

 The CLAA board has endorsed the exemption from the more restrictive county ordinance but only for the shorter, Wi Fi towers.  Any member, from either township is encouraged to attend the meeting to voice their individual comments.

 If you can't attend the meeting and want to contact the Town here are the Board member email addresses:

Randy Halstead, Chair halsteadfarms@aol.com

Tom Wilson, Member twilso2010@yahoo.com

Tim Bley, Member tim.totallawncare@gmail.com

Elissa Taylor, Clerk jtownclerk@jportfd.com

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