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Clark Lake Water Level Meeting
Nov 04, 2016

 There is a joint meeting of the Sevastopol and Jacksonport town boards scheduled for taking testimony concerning Clark Lake water levels, the dam and other concerns.  .

 The meeting is at 7PM Thursday Nov 10th at the Sevastopol Town Hall.  Each speaker is asked to limit their time to 3 minutes and must own land on or adjacent to the lake.  You do not need to be an elector to speak. Mark will give a statement as president of CLAA but we encourage everyone with an opinion to attend and be heard

 Review the meeting notice at either of the town websites for more details.  Be sure to call, snail mail or e-mail the town board members to let your views be known. If they do not hear from you and there is scant attendance at the meeting then they will interpret that these issues are not very important to lake members.

 Below are e-mails form the directory.  Please refer to the directory for phone numbers and snailmail addresses. Sevastopol does not publish individual members e-mail except for the chairman, so use the town address:





Jacksonport town board

                Randall Halstead               halsteadfarms@aol.com

                Tim Bley                               tim.totallawncare@gmail.com

                Thomas Wilson                 Twilson2010@yahoo.com

 Sevastopol town board

                Leo Zipperer                      zipperer@charter.net

                Tony Haen                         

                John Staveness

                Charles Tice

                Dan Woelful

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