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Proxy Voting
Jun 18, 2016

 Proxy voting/ Property voting 

The annual meeting is scheduled for 9 AM Saturday 9 July
This is the first year that there will be the ability to designate someone to attend as your proxy at the meeting. The form required to designate a proxy is on the website and the rules, procedure and a FAQ document can also be found there.
This year we will also register you at the meeting by property rather than name . Remember any property that has at least one dues paying owner has the right for any of the owners to attend the meeting, speak and participate with their co-owners in casting the single vote for the property. Even if the property owner who paid the dues is not present, any of the other owners can be present and participate in the voting.
When you register you will be asked your address.  If the property shows dues have been paid then all of the owners can enter without any further need for registration.
(If you are one of the 31 members with grandfathered voting privileges, you will be asked your name at registration.)

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