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Bird Survey
Jun 04, 2016

 Please Help find our feathered friends

Attention all Clark Lake residents. Please read the following request for assistance concerning a DNR survey of birds. Volunteers such as Jan are conducting this survey and they need both access to observation sites and assistance from other birders to have a complete and accurate count.  Please also enlist others not on the lake but in the surrounding area to assist.
The Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas Survey II is a 5 year project that documents birds breeding everywhere in Wisconsin. The last survey was completed about 10 years ago. You can find more information about this project on line; just Google Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas. I have been assigned a 3 square mile area that is called Jacksonport CW, so you can see the area I must cover. 

If you are a land owner in this area, have good bird habitat, and would like to participate in any way, please call me. Perhaps, I could come out to bird there or give you a little lesson so you can report your own sightings on the data submission page. At this time I have not done any work on any Clark Lake property or the Lake Michigan beach included in this block. But I am finding many breeding birds in the places I have surveyed. 

My email is jane.wrede@gmail.com and phone number is 920 743-4391.
I hope to hear from you.
Jan Wrede

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