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Need Help at Boat Ramp
Jun 03, 2016

 Boat ramp needs help!

We need volunteers to help move stones and rocks at the west side boat ramp.  
Two holes have developed with a ridge between them that cause boats to get hung up both during launch and recovery.  The stones and rocks need to be redistributed to solve this problem. The stones so far identified are all able to be moved by hand but some will require a lever to free them from the bottom muck. You will be working in water between 20 and 40 inches deep.
Please reply to mpweisse@yahoo.com and specify if you will help. Our initial meeting at the ramp will be at 10 AM Sunday 5 June.  We will not work longer than 1- 2 hours. A second work day will be 10 AM Monday 6 June. Additional days may be required so even if you cannot attend either of the first two days, please let us know when you are available so we can contact you directly.
Once we get the rocks and stones moved, and the launch area leveled we will need to repeat the process every few weeks.  You can help by gently encouraging boaters not to power load their craft (see the illustration below) . A sign has been posted to remind them. Also report any launch problems so we can investigate and correct in a timely manner.

Inline image
(above) Using the motor to push a boat onto
a trailer (known as power loading) damages
boat ramp sites. The spinning propeller can
erode sediment beyond the edge of the ramp
surface, creating a hole just past the ramp, and
the sediment can create a mound beyond the
hole. Trailer wheels might suddenly drop into
the hole, and boats might run aground against
the mound

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