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Clark Lake Beach Issues
Aug 19, 2016

 Notice Clark Lake Beach Issues

Clark Lake residents near the Clark Lake beach have reported an increase in problem behaviors associated with the beach.  These include parking violations, trespassing on docks, noise, after hours use of the beach, pets, alcohol use, trash and insufficient maintenance of the lavatories.
We know the vast majority of the complaints are about non-residents but please remind your family and guests if they are at the beach to review and follow the posted rules and be respectful of the neighboring properties. Be sure to keep safety and courtesy in mind if you choose to remind anyone about proper beach behavior.
If you observe violations or obnoxious behavior you should contact the Door County Sheriff at 920-743-6773.  If there is a question of boating or on the water behavior you should contact DNR warden Chris Kratcha at 920-746-2871. If a boating issue, be sure to note the boat registration numbers and a description of the boat.
Sevastopol is posting additional no parking signs and requests if the parking violations are on the town road to contact the sheriff (920-743-6773).  If parking violations occur on the Whitefish Dunes property that adjoins the beach parking area, you should contact the state park at 920-823-2400. If there are vehicles illegally parked you might choose to note the model and license information and date and time along with your report.
Sevastopol has a contract for maintenance of the portable lavatories. The company discovered that someone plugged the lavatories with bags of trash and they appropriately cleaned the toilet but then left the bags of trash out.  This was not to occur.  If anyone identifies bags of trash, obstructed toilets or other debris then please contact the head of the Sevastopol Park and Rec committee, Tony Haen at 920-333-0135 and he will arrange clean up.
Even though most of the complaints have been about the beach use these same guidelines if you note issues at the west side boat ramp.
Door County Sheriff                                          920-743-6773

Local DNR Warden, Chris Kratcha                920-746-2871
Sevastopol Park and Rec contact, Tony Haen 920-333-0135
Whitefish Dunes State Park                              920-823-2400
Thanks for everyone’s cooperation and contribution to maintain a safe and pleasant community.

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