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Note: The following by-law amendments, multiple owner voting policy and proxy form were approved and adopted by the membership at their annual meeting on July 11, 2015:

Proposed By-Law amendments (summary) re proxy voting and multiple owner voting policy: /uploads/ckfiles/files/08 20150711 CLAA amendments v3.pdf

Proposed Board policy re multiple owner voting: /uploads/ckfiles/files/07 20150711 CLAA Grandfather voting rights v2.pdf

Overview of Voting Proposal: /uploads/ckfiles/files/100 20150711 CLAA summary one v1.pdf

Multiple Member Voting FAQS: /uploads/ckfiles/files/06 20150711 CLAA Membership FAQ v3.pdf

Proxy Form: /uploads/ckfiles/files/CLAA Proxy form v6.pdf

Proxy FAQS: /uploads/ckfiles/files/04 20150711 CLAA Proxy Faq v2.pdf